Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Fatherhood: From the Beginning

I became Ben's stepfather when he had just turned four-years old. Now in his 10th year, I've been "Dad" for longer than either he or I can remember. Although we live life together like any other father and son, I missed out on all the "baby stuff." So when you find out that your wife is pregnant (like I did around a month or so ago), you realize that as a stepfather, it all happens in reverse order for you. I've already dealt with behaviour issues, homework, bullies, and dinner battles, but I'm a complete virgin when it comes to burping (baby's, not mine), farting (see burping), feeding (see burping and farting), and infant feces-handling (often referred to as "diaper-changing.)

Blogging about my miniature painting and wargaming hobby has brought me great satisfaction and enjoyment. In fact, I've improved in all aspects of my geekly pursuits since I started blogging about them. Who knows... maybe blogging about fatherhood will help me improve as a parent, or even help me prepare mentally for the forthcoming bundle of joy.

The due date is July 9th. I"m counting the days.

Big Daddy J


  1. You are and will be the best father.

  2. I think you may have missed your should have been a writer! Looking forward to more posts.


  3. This entry made me cry. Love you Big Daddy.
    Auntie H