Friday, December 18, 2009

"Uterus... They don't even know us?"

Today was the day we had been waiting for. All three of us hopped into the Big Daddy-mobile and headed for the doctor's office. It was time for Allison's 11-12 week check-up, and we were hoping to hear a heartbeat. We had borrowed a heart monitor from one of my co-workers and I was doing my best to find a heartbeat all week long. In the end, all I found was disappointment and possibly gas. I had hoped that the well-honed radar skills of the Dr. would return more satisfactory results, but apparantly, we are still at the early stages when it comes to heartbeat detection.

However, in spite of the inaudible heartbeat let-down, the appointment wasn't entirely without excitement. It turns out that Allison is "showing" more than is normal for a woman at eleven weeks, and furthermore, the uterus is riding higher than one would expect at this stage. When the doc considered these facts, as well as the high frequency of multiple births in Allison's family, it was off to the doc-phone to book an earlier ultrasound appointment.

Here's how I look at it - if there's one or two children floating around in there, we'll handle it no problem. If there's three or more, we'll be looking for a nanny. Perks of the position will include luxurious accommodations (a.k.a. laundry room floor), convenient transportation (metrobus stop just a minute's walk away), and a competive hourly wage (in Zimbabwe dollars). Time to brush up that resume Frank ;)

I remain most Sincerely (and Curiously) Yours;
Big Daddy J


  1. I'm so excited!!!
    Auntie H

  2. You meant to say if there is three or more we will be giving them out, first come first serve. HA!

  3. Dear Big Daddy,

    While I am not a woman of religion I did say a little prayer after reading this post. I prayed that the god of babies or fate or whomever was listening would bless Allison with two little girls. Just like her. Karma is a dish best served by multiple infants! Years of entertainment for the rest of the family!

    Auntie S

  4. I was once present at an ultrasound when a father first found out they were having triplets!

    Bring a helmet. It'll cushion the landing! ;-)